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Random Illustrations: Green Chain Walk

As I have been wandering around the neighborhood area to rack up steps on my pedometer, I frequently find myself on the paths of the Green Chain Walk, a loosely connected walking circuit in Southeast London that we first explored more than two years ago.

Here is a stretch of the Walk, running between fences of a school grounds and some kind of an estate. It feels a bit eerie, with no one in sight, evoking a vague nowhere-to-hide The Hound of the Baskervilles type of disquiet, but if you are seeking undisturbed introspection on your walk, it’s just perfect.

A stretch of the Green Chain Walk, Southeast London

And here is a corner of The Tarn, referenced in that article, a quiet little park five minutes from our house. The birdhouse is one of the many made by Kimmy’s class sometime last year.

At the Tarn, Mottingham, Southeast London


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