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YouTube’d memories: Pardonnez-moi ce Caprice d’Enfant

The intro to this song always wakes up some deeply buried associations with my childhood – it was used as a theme for a popular TV program (which one, I can no longer recall) back in the 70’s in the USSR.

No less importantly, hearing Mireille Mathieu reminds me of vinyl records and turntables that played a big part in our lives well into the 80’s. We did not have a huge collection of records at home, as I recall, but many of the albums that we did have ended up shaping many of my musical affections. Mathieu’s compilation – she was and still is tremendously popular in Russia – was always one of my favorites.

The lady has the most remarkable voice.


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  1. Ilya

    Bingo, Kostyan! Thanks! I keep fogretting that you can find anything on YouTube these days…

    В мире животных – Paul Mauriat’s Alouette, I knew that one. Becky used it for one of her skating programs years ago.

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