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Timeshare in demand

I only once, in passing (look for Florida in that post), mentioned on this blog that we own a timeshare. Without going much into pros and cons of such a possession, we have long concluded that it would be to our benefit to get rid of it.

I had our week up for sale for years, with not a single prospective buyer. Literally, I could not give it away, even though it is a “hot season” week in a reasonably attractive location. Once, a couple of years ago, some “resale agent” whom I contacted, indicated to me that he would take the week off me for a grand sum of $99 (we paid about seven grand for it in 1995, btw), but after some back and forth emailing he disappeared and eventually responded to my persistent messages that he was no longer interested.

A few months ago, Natasha came across a concept of donating the timeshare to charity. It did not cost us any extra, so we submitted our week for donation. The process normally takes a few months, so only a day or two ago I was informed that the week finally went to the “sales department” for liquidation, and once a buyer is found, I will get closing documents to sign.

The funny thing is, literally a week after I submitted the week for donation, I got the first direct offer for the week from an interested buyer. And since then, eight more of the kind.

Not a single offer in five or six years that the week has been up for sale. Nine offers in just the last 3 months.

And I have to turn them all away (although, now I can point them to that sales department)…

There must be some property (and/or, financial) market forces that are making timeshare ownership more attractive to more people. I am suddenly quite optimistic that even if donation somehow falls through, I should be able to find a buyer for the timeshare this year.

And if any of my readers are at all interested, feel free to jot me a note, and I can give you the phone number at which to inquire about my week.