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Random Illustrations: A street in Blackheath

This could be a street in any number of American suburbs or smaller towns. Yes, the cars are parked somewhat in the opposite direction, but otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to place it. You’ll have to believe me when I say that it is a street in the quieter parts of Blackheath Village.

A street in Blackheath


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  1. Vince

    Well, if you flipped the image then we wouldn’t notice. And I’ve traveled the US quite a bit, and don’t think I’ve ever seen a road that looked quite like that one.

    Yeah, I’m being contrary. But I did notice the road right away.

  2. Ilya

    Yes, I suppose the surface does look different. Maybe, having already seen such surfaces in England, it played a trick on me, suggesting that I’d seen similar ones in the US. But this was my very first time finding myself in this particular street, and I had an overwhelming feeling that it could have been any number of places in America.

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