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A couple of travel pictures

… because every travel post should have some. And by virtue of our late arrival home on Wednesday, I did not have a chance to arm myself with pictures from our recent trip before I posted my brief trip overview. To compensate for that, here are two shots from that adventure. More will come in due time.

On Florianska Street in Cracow Old Town


On Kossuth Square in Budapest in front of the Parliament



  1. Nathan

    As usual, your pictures did their little thing where they load from the top down, like a window shade slowly coming down and revealing its message. The top photo was revealing the beautiful pastels of the buildings and the architecture…no detail yet, but obviously a foreign locale.

    I giggled when the McDonald’s showed up. (And I’ll be honest when I say that in spite of everything wrong with the place, I’d love to visit Cuba mostly because of the lack of American influence in anything.)

  2. Ilya

    Nathan, I can honestly say that I only noticed the McDonald’s when I perused the entire picture stock last night. Somehow, its ubiquity has long made it pretty much invisible for me. But I see your point.

    Brian, I must disagree. There is nothing as over-the-top gaudy as Main Street USA 😉

  3. Ilya

    There are daytime restrictions on some streets in central Cracow for cars, but I expect that driving and parking is allowed during nighttime. It’s more of a guess than a knowledgeable answer, though.

  4. jason

    Charming photos, Ilya – I especially like the second one of Becky on the grass. Great composition, beautiful backdrop, and a very cute young lady!

  5. Ilya

    Thanks, Jason! I’ll relay your compliment to the model. 🙂

    There is now a whole album of pictures from the trip in the Picture Gallery.

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