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YouTube’d memories: Besame Mucho

Sunny spring weather (for the last couple of days, at least). Love is in the air (or so the common wisdom dictates – I don’t feel any more amorous than usual). It feels fitting to choose a well-known love song for the next helping of my musical memories.

In fact, the not-so-straight-forward Besame Mucho association that is lodged in my memory is not about love, per se. I spent a few years in the late 80s heavily involved with the student theater and with the university-wide independent student performance arts circle (can’t think of a better translation for самодеятельность). Besame Mucho was a top number of one of our singing stars. I was never very close with that girl – and I honestly cannot even recall her name anymore – but every time I hear the song, it takes me back to the good times that we had with our performing troupe and friends.

But, of course, there is a veritable love connection there: I met the love of my life through my involvement with the theater. Even though I never serenaded Natasha with this particular number, it is still a sweet reminder of the days when we met.

Andrea Bocelli’s is the most beautiful rendition that I came across on YouTube, even though I probably prefer slightly less melancholic takes. No matter. I hope you are all able to pluck that love out of the air and put it to good use.



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