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London Tour: Southbank

The Thames Path along Southbank, from the London Eye (seen in the previous installment) to the London Bridge, is one of my favorite walking routes in Central London. At intervals, it gets very congested with tourists and other gawkers, but it is mostly tolerable. The views, though, are great.

Here is an across-the-river vista with the St Paul’s Cathedral.

View to St Paul's Cathedral from Southbank

And a wider-angle view that takes in several prominent City of London skyscrapers.

View of the City of London from Southbank

Among the buildings lining the Southbank, a minor point of interest is the OXO Tower. Its tower is actually best viewed after dark from the other side of the river, when the illuminated windows make the vertical OXO sign on its four sides visible from afar. Other than that, this is a primarily residential complex with a bit of an exhibition space.

OXO Tower



  1. Ilya

    Thanks, Vince. I lately enjoy posting pictures more than writing, as it happens 🙂

    I assume you’ve seen all of our gallery? There are tons of great pictures of fun places there.

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