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YouTube’d memories: All You Need Is Love

Having watched Across the Universe a couple of days ago, I find myself constantly humming my favorite Beatles tunes. All You Need Is Love is one of the more obvious ones.

I actually have a vague memory related to this song that includes an auditorium full of students and the title of the song written by someone on the chalkboard. Whether it was a declaration of something or just an idle jest is lost in the annals of history. I was already familiar with the Fab Four’s entire body of work then, but the Berlin Wall still stood, and our overall exposure to Western culture and music was still severely limited. Having those five English words in front of a hundred or so students waiting for an advanced calculus lecture caused a mild furor, to say the least.



  1. Ilya

    I can’t say that the guy in the shot reminded me of Crosby. But, anyway, the Beatles performance was recorded specifically for Our World, and it was the only act recorded there and then.

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