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A travel quote

I’m reading a passage in a travel book that describes a little town on canals in Italy as “not exactly Venice, but rather Bourton-on-the-Water disguised as Portmeirion”.

I realize that not only am I familiar with these references, but I can vividly imagine what the town should look like from the description.

Which turns my thoughts to our upcoming travels. Which is a welcome train of thought in the midst of a depressing week.


  1. Ilya

    Matt, Bourton-on-the-Water is a pretty town in Cotswolds, a central England region, that is built along a tiny river in a manner that evokes more famous canal-dissected places. Portmeirion is an artificial Mediterranean village in Northern Wales, which featured in a number of TV and movie productions, most notably The Prisoner. I’ve been to both, as well as Venice, to be able to immediately form a mental picture of them in my head.

    One picture of Portmeirion appears among the Travelscapes, and there are a few more in our Wales album. There is only one, unfortunately not very representative, picture of Bourton in our Cotswolds album.

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