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London Tour: New Row

The next installment of our virtual walk around London (the previous post in the series is here) has just one picture, of the corner of New Row and St Martin’s Lane in the West End Theater district. Seemingly nothing special here, but I find these kinds of streets irresistible.

A corner of West End



  1. Nathan

    Since we all assume you’ll be speaking in Britishisms, it would be appreciated if you would exercise more care in your choice of headlines. I got all excited thinking I was about to read a post all about some new kerfuffle, tiff, argument or skirmish. Imagine my disappointment at only seeing a picturesque, quaint street. (Not to be confused with a picaresque street which would have been wholly satisfying.)

    Bah! XD

  2. Ilya

    Nathan, I suppose the Britishism for what you were looking for would be barney

    Brian, I have more of the Epcot landscapes coming up…

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