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Ходим по Парижу

This little project has been years in the making.

When I worked on the movie about our first Paris trip, in 2002, the well-known Russian pop song (called “Walking about Paris”) was the obvious choice for an opening segment. Unfortunately, I realized that we did not tape a single scene related to the song lyrics then. Making a separate music video for the song became an item on my “someday” list.

A couple of visits to Paris later, in May of 2007, we finally got to taping necessary footage. Becky was enlisted as a principal camera-person and, during our wanderings about the city, she recorded Natasha and me walking around various sights.

Still, I did not get into the mood for movie-making for almost two years afterwards. But Natasha kept prodding me, and I eventually produced a reasonable piece of work, offered for your discerning appreciation herewith.




P.S. I realize that my non-Russian-speaking audience will find this clip less enjoyable, not being able to understand the lyrics. My apologies for that. To alleviate that a bit, here is a rough translation:

I dream of being in Paris and being in love.
I see you standing by a café.
I know a little French, so I say Hello and walk with you.

Noon. Summer. We walk about Paris.
I’d like to get to know you better,
So let’s sit down at a café.
But I only have five coins in my pocket.

Undeterred, like a true Frenchman, I tell the waiter to mail the bill to me.
When there is no money, there is no love.
I better go to Syktyvkar (a town on Russian periphery, chosen here because of the rhyme),
So that I can save up.



  1. Vince

    That was quite well done, and Becky did a nice job as principal photographer. I enjoyed the song as well, even without understanding the lyrics. But then I own a number of CDs from Putumayo World Music, because good music does not require English lyrics.

    By the way, what software did you use to make the video?

  2. papa

    great video! great camera work! the actors are very natural and very believable!
    Even Stanislavsky wouldn’t say his famous: “I don’t believe”.

    love you.


  3. Ilya

    Thanks, all! I’m glad you liked it.

    Separate thanks for the link, Vince. There are a few intriguing items in the catalog, I might look into getting something.

    Most of my video editing is done in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  4. Natasha К

    Илюшенька, да тебе же цены нет! Какой клип классный! Просто удовольствие смотреть! Молодцы!

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