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Eating out, at discount

On one hand, we like going out, if not every week, then at least a few times a month. On the other hand, as much as I enjoy personally stimulating the economy, some cutbacks in non-essential expenses are clearly needed.

A service such as TopTable helps with that. Beyond rewards points that you earn for making your meal reservations through its system, it invariably offers great discount at a large range of eateries. You cannot get those discounts if you book directly with the establishment of your choice.

In recent weeks, we had a couple of 50% discounts – yes, that’s half the price off a prix-fixe meal or the total bill – at quite trendy and popular restaurants. Last night, we celebrated the birthday of our friend Pasha at a popular Spanish eatery in Soho. Reservations were made by Natasha, at the friends’ request. Booking through TopTable, she procured a 25% discount off the price of their set meal. For a party of 16 people, that came to a pretty sizable number in the end.

TopTable covers all major cities in Britain, with London being the obvious focus, but also 15 major cities in France, and 25 major destinations elsewhere in Europe. Plus Marrakesh and New York City1. Definitely something to take advantage of for those who go out often.


1 We used to use Open Table in NYC, but I don’t recall it offering discounts, just the rewards points. It probably has the bigger variety of NYC restaurants than TopTable. Or not.


  1. Cheryl Sligh

    Ok, I usually don’t give out my secrets but if you sign up to: you will get some great deals! I eat out at lunch at least once a wk and usually get buy one get one free meals. They are great. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

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