Random Illustrations: Mushrooms galore

5 comments on “Random Illustrations: Mushrooms galore”

  1. Eric

    And now I’m hungry.

    And I have no mushrooms.

    And I went to the supermarket last night and I’m not going back out there today in the rain.

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.


  2. Sharon

    Hmm-hmm…sauteed in a little butter, a little lemon juice, a smidgeon of dry cooking sherry, a dash of curry. Yum! Now, I’m hungry.

  3. Cheryl Sligh

    How about this?

    Chestnut Mushrooms (Italian Brown in the US) Cut into halves, One chopped Onion, 3-6 cloves garlic (your choice how many) sauteed and then add some Chicken Broth (or vegetable) and bring to a boil. Let simmer about 20 min and then whiz until smooth. Lastly add a little crumbled up Stilton Cheese…My family loves this served with warm bread.

  4. Ilya

    That sounds very tasty, Cheryl. I’m going to ask Natasha if she wants to try making that.

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