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GCSE choices

If we were to stay in England for another year or two, Becky would have to start studying for GCSE’s next year. Year 9, which she is in now, is when the students choose their optional subjects.

First of all, there are 6 compulsory subjects: English, English Literature, Information & Communication Technology, Mathematics, Science (which encompasses Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and Religious Education.

In addition, 4 other subjects, one of which has to be a modern language, can be selected based on the inclinations of the student.

Becky’s choices are: Spanish, Drama, History and French, with Geography specified as an alternative in case one of her other choices creates a clash in the schedule. There is also a separate qualification awarded for Phys-Ed, which she plans to be taking as well. What got left out are Art, Design Technology, Music and three other languages offered at the school, Mandarin, German and Latin.

Given that Drama, History and foreign languages are Becky’s favorite subjects (none of the mandatory subjects makes that distinction, by the way), it was a pretty obvious choice for her. I may have gone for Mandarin over Geography, but that may be too many languages to seriously study simultaneously. She anyway already has a Russian language qualification

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  1. John the Scientist

    Yeah 2 languages is about the limit unless she’s really talented, and remember that Mandarin counts for about 1.5 because in foreigners it requires both hemispheres to process.

    Heh, you know my feelings on Spanish versus Mandarin. 😀

    But if she wants to take two languages, I recommend Spanish and French, not either on plus Mandarin.

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