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So, Natasha often enters various contests and promotions. She reasons that it does not cost her anything and you can’t win unless you enter. Over the years, she won an occasional freebie, as last evidenced here.

The local magazine that we receive is always full of various promotions: Free dinner, tickets to some show, a getaway at a “historic” B&B, etc. The entry consists of an email, with multiple promotions often being directed to the same mailbox. So, she sends her entry.

Today, she gets a phone call.

“Mrs Burlak, you entered in Meridian promotion giveaway…”

“Yes, I did.”

“We are sorry, you did not win, but you came in as a runner-up for our six-weeks pole-dancing fitness course.”


“Say again?”

Yes, apparently, pole-dancing is now being touted as the newest fitness fad, on offer at various gyms across the country. I imagine it has to be an athletically-demanding activity, and there could even be a shred of evidence that a regular regimen of pole-dancing improves fitness.

Still, pole-dancing?!

The six-weeks course was one of the promotions in the last edition of the magazine, commingled with a few not as risqué others. The sneaky bastards most likely are calling everybody who entered, giving them a £20 discount off £200 course price tag and sweetening that with the “runner-up” label. It would be one thing if Natasha actually won the free course…

On the other hand, you never know what kind of skill may become useful in this economy…


  1. Natasha K

    Hey, the winner in this case would be definitely Ilusha. How convenient to improve your marriage by winning the contest. Hot idea.

  2. Karolina

    This is one of the funniest things Ive ever heard. The prize (pole dancing lessons) is funny in itself, but then they actually make you pay for it too?!

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