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More snow pictures

There is nothing like extraordinary weather conditions – by local standards, at least, – to improve one’s blog stats. I had my regular number of visits increase threefold yesterday, partly thanks to Natasha posting the link to earlier pictures on a Fodor’s forum, but also undoubtedly thanks to every one of my regular readers coming to check up on us.

As an expression of our gratitude, here are a few more of the wintry photos. (As always, all are clickable for larger view.)

First, a photographic proof that my family succeeded in coercing me to come out outside and play in the snow for a bit. Actually, there are no pictures of me playing, per se, but there is one of me posing with an attractive snow-person.

Then, there a picture of a lonely flower in the corner of our garden trying to keep its head above snow.

And some fruits – not sure exactly what they are – braving the snow.

Finally, a beautiful picture of our street. Aside from the fact that I love how our Nikon camera takes no-flash lighted night-time pictures, it is eerily discomfiting to see the perpetually busy street completely empty.

Things are getting back to normal, by the way. Becky’s school (private) is open, buses and trains are seemingly running, major airports have resumed their flight schedules. Not too many cars on the street, and Kimmy’s school (public) is closed for the second day, but with temperatures above 0°C, the melting of all of the snow is already in progress. It’s a nice sunny day, too.


  1. jason

    Wow! I’ve had my head down all week because of conditions and work, so I’m just now catching up on my blog reading and such. I hadn’t heard about the snow in London… how very odd. I like the nighttime picture of your street. Very peaceful.

    The pattern here in Salt Lake is usually heavy snows followed by temperatures in the high 30s/40s (F, obviously) that melt them off, with only a few weeks in January where it remains cold enough for the stuff to stay around. I do not like the cold weeks. 🙂

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