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Happy blogger

Fellow UCF’er Shawn a couple of days ago posted seven very good tips for being a happy blogger. At first, I claimed in comments that I already follow all of his advice, but just a few days later I come to one of my periodic blogging crossroads, where I want to maintain a “nearly-every-day” frequency of posting (and, yes, I am largely comfortable with this pace) yet do not have anything worthy of a post (or, rather, I have a bunch of musical memories in the pipeline, and some other serialized standbys, but I do not feel like using them as a filler today).

In other words, trying to follow the last of Shawn’s tips was making me an unhappy blogger. I figured the easiest way to turn that around was to direct my audience to his article. I thought it was quite good, which means this post of mine can transitively be considered “not crap”, and we are avoiding a prolonged break. Happy, happy, happy!


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