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YouTube’d Memories: Bamboleo

Quite a few of my selections in this series do not necessarily constitute a specific memory, but rather simply and unfailingly have a positive effect on my mood when I hear them.

Here is one such song. I’ve always been partial to Latin music, with acoustic guitar at the top of the list as far as instruments are concerned. It’s a little wonder that I like Gipsy Kings.


Actually, there is a bit of useless trivia associated with the group. I rarely go to live performances and almost never to non-Russian ones. But I’ve been to a Gipsy Kings live performance at NYC Radio City Music Hall, sometime in the mid-90s.


  1. Ilya

    Kostyan, I have doubts whether an internationally acclaimed group would perform at a Queens restaurant – it was likely more that the restaurant’s own band playing their songs – but then, stranger things happen…

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