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Musical Tiramisu: Bamboleo

It’s been a dismal week so far, and I need a pick-me-up. So, I’m branching out of my regular memories on YouTube series, to better include songs that do not necessarily constitute a specific memory (to be honest, some of my entries in the “memories” feature were not truly associated with specific reminiscences), but rather simply and unfailingly have a positive effect on my mood when I hear them.

Here is one of such songs. I’ve always been partial to Latin music, with acoustic guitar at the top of the list as far as instruments are concerned. It’s a little wonder that I like Gipsy Kings.

Actually, there is a bit of useless trivia associated with the group. I rarely go to live performances and almost never to non-Russian ones. But I’ve been to a Gipsy Kings live performance at NYC’ Radio City Music Hall, sometime in mid-90’s.

Anyone wondering why a dessert is included in the name for this new series: tiramisu, which is translated as “pull me up” from Italian, has the implied figurative meaning of “pick me up”.

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  1. Ilya

    Kostyan, I have doubts whether an internationally acclaimed group would perform at a Queens restaurant – it was likely more that the restaurant’s own band playing their songs – but then, stranger things happen…

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