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Hail to the (New) Chief!

I have little doubt my RSS aggregator today will overflow with statements from everyone and everybody on how momentous today is. How the removal of “Elect” from President Obama’s official designation finally gives us a leader that we can wholeheartedly cheer for and adore. How thankful we need to be to be delivered from the horrors of the last eight years and how hopeful we are to see all of our troubles swiped away by the very first flourish of the newly installed chief executive’s pen.

Ok, that last one was a blatant exaggeration. I’m sure no one in their right mind truly believes that Obama is some sort of a messiah who will immediately start performing miracles in order to turn global distress and suffering into peace and prosperity for all. Far from it, any reasonable person would agree that the incoming President inherits a job and a legacy that you would not wish on anyone. How one person can even begin to hope to affect all of the worldwide maladies, starting with the biggest economic downturn in generations, I cannot imagine.

Ah, but it is not just one person. All signs so far have been pointing to the fact that the next administration will differ from the previous one not just by what kind of person will be in charge, but also by what kind of counsel the President will keep. And, at the very least, the team that Obama has been assembling is one reason for being optimistic that positive changes in domestic and foreign policy are truly coming and coming soon.

Still, let’s see what the President and his team can do before anointing him the Savior. The coronation inauguration today is just the beginning of a hard road, and not even the brightest and the most thoughtful of Presidents is assured success at the very outset. I fear that the more ecstatic we get together as a nation today, the more we might be setting ourselves up for disappointment of having too high and unattainable hopes for the man.

Hope is what Barack Obama has been selling us for all these months. Whether we voted for him or for the other guy, we bought that hope in the end. Change is what we now need to see, in many different ways. Don’t disappoint us, Mr President!


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  1. Vince

    A friend of mine (a person with a wicked sense of sarcasm and who supports Obama) noted that it wasn’t surprising that Obama was elected, as historically in this country rich white dudes have made big messes then had their black slaves/servants clean up after them.

    Obama has a huge challenge ahead of him with no quick fixes or easy solutions. In addition, he can’t do it by himself. He’ll need all the smart people he can surround himself with and support of the country. I’m hoping to see more accountability in government as a long-term fix to a lot of our problems. Accountability on a business level would help, too. (Oh, we were supposed to lend that bailout money? Jeez, nobody told us.)

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