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Thieves thank you for not smoking

I have been working on a big post for a couple of days, and it is nowhere near being ready yet. I can’t have two days in a row without posting something, so here is one of the random things that I find amusing.



Let’s forget for a second that the intent might be to warn people to protect their possessions. (While on some level I understand the preventive benefit of drawing people’s attention to something they may not be actively paying any mind to otherwise, I imagine thieving “operatives” going, “Damn! We’ve been exposed! We’d better move operations elsewhere”. And then, eventually, “Oh no! These signs are everywhere! We can’t do no business no more!”)

No! The important thing is that you should refrain from smoking. Because, you know, we are concerned about the health of thieves who operate in this area.

I heartily agree. Thieves are people too. How would you like breathing in somebody’s cigarette fumes while trying to pinch his or her wallet?!

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