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A new look

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. I decided to redecorate, is all.

Comparatively loud colors and large fonts tired me after a while. So, I chose a more subdued look instead. Because the selected template was seriously different from the old one, it took me somewhat longer than expected to adjust it completely to my liking, which had a nice bonus of being another little programming project. I rarely get to employ my deteriorating skills otherwise.

Anyway. Please let me know what you think. While I am reasonably positive that all major graphical components appear fine in the new template, I certainly did not go over all of my hundreds of posts to check. If you notice something out of whack, I’d me much obliged if you let me know.


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  1. Random Michelle K

    I love the tiny header image! I do most of my surfing on a laptop, so I hate having to scroll down an entire screen to see text!

    I also love the sidebar that’s a combination of single and double columns. THAT’S something I’d love to incorporate into my blog. (I’ve been thinking about switching to a three column format, but again, as I surf mostly on a laptop, I find a lot of three column formats too wide.

    Nice job!

  2. Vince

    I like it. Actually, I liked your old theme as well, but this is more subdued and more laptop friendly as Michelle noted. I’m working on setting up a blog for a business, and I’m going to check out this theme for it.

    Unlike Michelle, I surf using a 20″ widescreen LCD monitor wth 1000:1 contrast. So wide isn’t so much of a problem with me.

  3. Jeri

    I like it too – it’s very clean and easy-to-read, and the header image is lovely. Great choice! New themes always take me a lot longer to adapt than I plan for too – usually 2-3 days of tinkering with PHP & CSS and re-installing widgets. Nicely done.

  4. Ilya

    Thanks, everyone! I’m glad you like it.

    Michelle, an image less than 100 pixels high obviously limits what kind of photography I can use there, but the reasoning behind selecting this size was exactly what you describe. Same for varying number of columns in the sidebar – I have too much stuff to let it run endlessly in a single sidebar, yet I finally decided that I do not need two distinct sidebars here.

    Vince, I know quite a number of people who surf not just on devices with smaller screens, but also often with lower resolution. I tried to stick with a fixed-width format that should avoid the need for horizontal scrolling for most everyone.

    Geo, the family picture was one element of the old page that did not fit neatly into the new design (placement-wise), so I decided to drop it. And the tone of the blog has been moving away from the concept of a “family blog” for some time. Sorry. I’m counting on hundreds of pictures in the Gallery to act as a substitute, and I might eventually work our faces into the header image.

    Jeri, I wouldn’t be a technology professional if I did not have a “development and testing” area on my site. I played with that most of Friday and all day on Saturday before I was comfortable with unveiling the changes.

    Thanks again!

  5. Brian Greenberg

    Looks great, Ilya. I think a side effect of using WordPress is a constant temptation to play with the template. I’ve been considering a shorter banner as well for some time now. Who knows – maybe you’ll be my inspiration…

    One suggestion: the Previous/Next post links are currently under the comments. I missed them the first time around (and they get harder to miss as comments get longer/more numerous). Consider putting them at the top of the post as well? Just a thought…

  6. Ilya

    Good point, Brian. I’ll most likely change that. This is where having a proper UAT comes handy 🙂

    [Updated]: Man of action that I am, I tried moving the links around almost immediately – and did not like any positioning of them except at the bottom of the page. My apologies, Brian, if that causes an inconvenience, but I think I’ll have to keep it as is for the moment.

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