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Travel plans for 2009

I know you all have been holding your breath waiting to hear what we decided in regards to our travel plans. So, let me provide a quick run-down, lest the suspense kills someone and decreases my not very numerous faithful audience.

During the February half-term, we will have a glorious time staying home. As mentioned before, we are reluctant to go skiing, and all other near destinations are not warm enough at this time of the year.

Spring break will find us – especially Becky – discovering new places and countries. First, Becky is going to China for her school trip. Almost as soon as she is back from the Far East, we will all together go to Krakow and Budapest for a week-long tour. Both cities have long featured on our list of “next” targets, with Budapest long occupying one of the top five spots.

As some of my readers may know, we tossed around the idea of coming to the US for a visit in April. Since we will go to the States in August one way or another, we figured that we’d rather spend the April break on exploration travel.

For the half-term in May, we will be in Rome and Venice. The girls have not seen either (unless you want to count one hour in Rome on the way from Tuscany in 2007) and Natasha and I would like to see both again.

Come summer, we will first return to Costa Brava to spend a couple of weeks with our friends just like last year. Then, we’ll be off to America for most of August. Whether we would have to return to England afterwards remains to be established.

And once the spring weather settles, we’ll be looking for weekend trips as well. There are a couple of non-major destinations in England and France that are still on the list.

It does not shape to be as intensive as our itineraries of the last couple of years, but, nonetheless, is starting to look like fun again. I’m getting positively giddy full three months before the first of these.