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Firefox Flash caching

By the way, while working with Flash for my World Map, I ran into a slight inconvenience.

While locally Firefox properly picked up the latest version of the configuration xml file, I could not force it to pick up the updated server version of the configuration, short of rebooting my PC. It actually caused more than an inconvenience, since external URL clicks are not allowed from within locally run Flash applications; in order to test the integrity of all of those links in the map, I had to try it online; and whenever I corrected a broken link, I could not re-test it, because Firefox refused to acknowledge that it needed to refresh the cached configuration.

Conversely, Explorer seemed to understand my need to see the very latest version of the Flash map effortlessly. More bandwidth spent for a few dozen reloads? Undoubtedly so. Less aggravation for the tester? Immeasurably so.

On a flip side, Firefox seems to be perfectly comfortable with two-hundred-plus anchors within the World Map page, seemingly never trying to reload the page once it has been loaded, no matter how many times you jump around. Explorer, for reasons that I cannot understand, proceeds to reload the page every few jump link clicks.

So, yeah, Firefox still wins. I just thought someone working with Flash may want to be aware of the problem that caching causes for testing. Or, maybe, someone more familiar with Firefox than I am can suggest an approach to deal with this particular issue (“Clear Private Data”/”Clear Cache” is not acceptable – I do not want to get rid of everything in my cache for the sake of a single page).