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Burlaki World Map are happy to announce our newest feature: The very cool annotated World Map. Made possible by the excellent Flash tool by, it puts every place in Europe that we have ever graced with our presence onto the interactive map and provides short capsules of visit context and timing for every destination. Further links to available destination overviews within Travelog are provided in synopses.

North America and the Caribbean remain to be annotated next. New destinations will unquestionably be added as we continue our traveling exploits.

We’d love for you to check it out and tell us what you think. Any notes, corrections, suggestions can be left in the comment thread here.


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  1. mama

    It is wonderful! But I will write notes, corrections, suggestions a little later, when I can read about all of the places. It seems to me that for each city you have notes to read, not only the small comments.
    And just a little bit additional information: the village of Yurkovtsy was chosen by us because doctors recommended to bring you to a place where there were pine forests, a lot of wild strawberries, and we could buy the fresh milk. And believe me, it mightily helped to improve your health, but unfortunately, we then returned to our “rotten” climate in Rostov.
    And this village was located near the city where all your maternal kin and your mother were born -Mogilev-Podolsk, just a few kilometers.
    With love-mama.
    Or, and just in case your little brother will read this comment: he was there as well, but only as a future project in our growing family.

  2. Kisintin

    I like the future-project reference mom 🙂

    let’s break it down.

    Initial specs
    Planning and requirements gathering
    Development phase
    Testing and quality assurance
    Production.. release

  3. Ilya

    Mom, thanks for this – it appears that I need to correct the year and these are all worthy background notes that I will add.

    I only have extended notes on our Western Europe destinations. Nothing on the former USSR places. I doubt that I will try to put them together until such time when and if we visit those places again.

  4. mama

    I can not in direct terms in front of everybody discuss my condition at the time (due to the same problem for many people who grew up in our closed country – like “we do not have sex in Russia”), but I believe that it was well over half of the term. So, you can definitely claim that you was at that place, my “Little One”.

    But, tell me, the candidate for a master’s degree: What kind of stage it was in regards to your list? I guess it was somewhere near the development stage?

    Love you both, Mama.

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