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My dream of being specops fulfilled

Some of my readers may remember this post, in which I outlined how the online community that I have the honor to belong to collaborated to expose the anti-LHC crusader Walter L. Wagner as a person not in the least qualified to engage in a “discussion” that he wants to hold.

As the members of our group discovered yesterday, our cover has been blown. Our community of friends has been outed as the apparently taxpayer-funded and sinister Uniformed (Currently or Formerly) Counter-Intelligence Force, courtesy of JTankers, an “Assistant Coordinator for Global Risk Reduction (a Special Interest Group of American Mensa)”, whatever that may mean, and an outspoken acolyte of Mr. Wagner. We are quite precisely described as “primarily ex-Navy technical personnel”, who have “their own aggressive and vulgar culture, as if they all attended the same course of instruction on how to be vulgar and aggressive on-line”. We also apparently broadly engage in nefarious activities, as evidenced by the International Hijack™ Day, organized by our fearless leader.

I lack a vocabulary range needed to properly express how amusing I find that post by JTankers. [Updated: JTankers modified his article on January 2nd, intentionally or unintentionally removing some of the hilarity of his exposé, so you’ll have to believe me that it was head-splitting funny in its original form.]

It does occur to me that I am one of the most opaque members of the group, on account of long being remiss in displaying a UCF logo on my site (now rectified). With my comparative stealth and the non-US jurisdiction, I can well pretend to being the most dangerous secret weapon that the UCF possesses. Oh yeah!


Eric, as I came to expect from him, had the most hilarious reaction to the news of our blown cover with a story of his initiation.

Updated: So now do Michelle and Anne and Jeri, while Kim, Janiece and Vince have their own takes on being outed.


  1. Brian Greenberg

    Very entertaining, Ilya. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to read the original post, until Anne posted a link to it here (at least I think that’s the original – am I wrong?)

    Anyway, my favorite part was when he called you a “waist of taxpayer money.” I’ve seen people do a lot of things with money, but never make a belt out of it… 😉

  2. Ilya

    Yes, that’s the original in its pristine beauty. You know, I missed “waist” on any of my previous reads. Must have been the convulsions of laughter I was trying so hard to control…

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