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Christmas week 2008

We did not expect this holiday week to be markedly busy, given our general lack of any plans. Still, we ended up with a number of diversions over its second half.

On Christmas Eve, Natasha and I went to central London for a dinner with Kimmy’s figure skating coach and his wife. Sergey is Russian, but have lived in various places in Europe for many years; Helen is British. They are both accomplished competition judges who journey all over the world for various skating events. We had plenty of travel topics to sustain the conversation, aided in big part by the excellent “French-Indian” cuisine of the restaurant that we were at.

Christmas Day was spent idly at home, but on Boxing Day, we had an outing with our friends Valera and Zhanna and their daughter and Kimmy’s schoolmate Gabriela. We went to the “gastro-pub” at the end of our block, where the food was quite nice and the company was very pleasant.

Today, we made a long trek to Wokingham, in the Reading area, to visit another family of friends, Andrey, Mila, Alex and Nick, for a semi-celebratory dinner. Since we don’t see each other too often, there are always plenty of topics to catch upon. Mila put together a wonderful table, which was very hard to get up from. I even dented my reputation of being a cheese-lover because I could not eat any that was offered for dessert, I was so full.

And to cap it all tomorrow, Kimmy, two of her friends, Becky, three of her friends, and Natasha with two of her friends (they are also mothers of Kimmy’s friends) is going for that VIP screening of Tales of Despereaux.

The next week shapes to be less exciting. We don’t even have any plans for New Year’s Eve, for probably the first time in fifteen or so years.

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