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On Travelog

As I have mentioned elsewhere, for the last few weeks I have been chipping away at our old travel diaries, transcribing the observations about sights, museums, restaurants and hotels into Travelog entries. To my own surprise, I’m actually finished with that now. While I have what I think is a pretty nifty idea of what to do next with the Travelog, for the moment I do not have any outstanding material that needs to be converted into an online post.

I’ve no pretenses of being a travel journalist or, really, of having any talent for reviewing things. While the Travelog was meant to record our personal impressions of things that we’ve seen and tried, I know I err too much on the side of de gustibus non est disputandum to forcefully advise against something that left less than a positive impression on me (except, of course, a horrible meal somewhere). And for the things that I do like, I eventually run out of synonyms to nice/beautiful/outstanding/excellent/remarkable/magnificent/majestic/splendid/striking/stunning/resplendent/lavish/opulent to lay claim to any exceptional quality of my wordsmithing.

But what I started to realize as I drew closer to the completion of that body of work is that I put this together primarily for ourselves, as ready references for our future visits to the places that we’d already been to. Which helps to explain why there are so many passages of “we did not do this, but plan to do it next time” in various articles.

On the other hand, I certainly expect to continue to refer people who come to us with questions about what we liked at such and such destination to the online Travelog. So, anyone interested is more than welcome to look. And if you see anything there that helps you plan your next trip or anything that would trigger a recommendation different from mine, please, by all means, let us know.



  1. jason

    I think the fact that you are not a travel journalist is what makes your Travelog (a) charming and (b) truly useful. It’s word of mouth from a fellow citizen, you know? Professionals often have a very different perspective and motives than ordinary people, hence the frequent disconnect between what movie critics praise and moviegoers actually see…

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