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Big hearts, small victories

Natasha entered a Small Heroes with Big Hearts contest on the local radio station. The task was to submit a short essay celebrating admirable or otherwise heart-warming behavior by children. She thought about Kimmy and her best friend Tessa who, due to whims of Kimmy’s parents, live thousands of miles away from each other but continue to stay best friends through letters and phone calls. She went online and typed a couple of paragraphs about how true friendship can survive time and distance even at a young age.

To her surprise, she soon got a call from the radio station, informing her that her little essay had been picked as a winner. The prize? Ten tickets to the special viewing of The Tale of Despereaux, a new Universal animated movie with the “Small Hero, Big Heart” tagline. She will be taking Kimmy, Becky and an assortment of their school friends to a cinema in Leicester Square at the weekend.

I’d rather she won the lottery, of course, but we’ll take the free tickets.

Here is the photo of the two best friends taken almost exactly 4 years ago.


  1. Tessa

    I hope you, my best friend, enjoy Tale of Despereaux! I miss you! I hope we will not be 3000 miles away soon! I hope soon we’ll be next door neighbor.

  2. Natasha

    Dear friends, if love friendship could be measured in movie tickets, 10 sounds like a good score!
    Guys, I don’t know about Little Heroes with Big Heart, but i know a definite winner in “aged” group – my dear friend Natashka.

  3. Kimmy

    Dear Tessa,
    I miss you just the same as you miss me and i also hope that we are not 3000 miles away.
    Miss you,

  4. Ilya

    The movie trip was an unqualified success, by the way. As far as I’ve been told, everybody liked it – maybe, not loved it, but certainly liked it. There were tons of free t-shirts and other goodies, and picture opportunities with someone dressed up as Despereaux.

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