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I’ll have a bratwurst, but not a hot dog

I’ve been working through my old travel diaries a bit, converting the salient bits to a digital form within Travelog. When in Germany several years ago, every lunch that we apparently had consisted of various wursts with beer. Or so the diaries state.

Which reminds me of a paradoxical thought that I had in that regard some time ago.

In New York City, which was my home and/or place of work for a decade and a half, I’d be extremely wary of buying a hot dog on the street. It’s not just that they are outrageously overpriced; I have concerns about what exactly those sausages are made from.

Yet, in Germany, I was buying what, in effect, could be called a hot dog with regularity, not having a single doubt about the quality of the product.

Your brain certainly evaluates things differently when faced with familiar activities in an unfamiliar place.

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  1. Nathan

    When in NYC, you need have no fear of the Sabretts or Hebrew National hot dogs. All others can be reasonably questioned, although I’ll admit that I’ll eat from practically any street vendor. I particularly like the shishkabobs (with hot sauce) otherwise known as “monkey-meat on a stick”. Hmmmmmm. Monkey meat.

  2. Kisintin

    WE used to buy those ‘bobs from a street vendor, right on the corner from 30 ROck. With white sause, which suppose to be tzatziki, but i am not sure it was. I did buy a hot dog on occasion with no adverse results.

  3. Brian Greenberg

    Kosher hot dogs (regardless of whether they’re prepared in a kosher way) are typically 100% beef, so while you can’t be sure of the cleanliness of the utensils or cooking area, you can feel pretty good about the ingredients (and, really, how can you argue hot dog advice from a guy named Nathan?)

  4. jason

    My first New York street dog is one of my cherished travel experiences. Of course, I was lucky enough to suffer no adverse effects. I might remember the experience with considerably less fondness if things had gone differently…

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