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YouTube’d memories: Midnight Dancer

Back to obscure European pop of the 70’s and the 80’s for this series.

I’ve been hearing this particular song fairly regularly over the last couple of years, as it features on the Euro collection disk that we like to play in the car on long drives. I have not seen the video of the song for at least 25 years, however, and boy, does the choreography look silly!

Arabesque was one of the German pop groups hatched in the same quarters as better known Boney M (featured on this site before) or Milli Vanilli. They had little acclaim outside of Japan and the Soviet bloc, but their popularity in the parts of USSR apparently endures, with recent “reunion” performances.

What can I say – we practically grew up on these sugary beats!

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  1. jason

    They sound quite a bit like ABBA, I think… makes sense, I suppose, since they would’ve been active around the same general time period.

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