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London Imagery: Abbey Road

Our friends in St Johns Wood live literally around the corner from the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road crossing. A few days ago, while visiting with them, I had the first occasion in over two years of being in the area with a camera (a customary hooray for my little new pocketcam!).

Here is the famous crossing itself. Anyone familiar with the Abbey Road album cover should be able to easily imagine John, George, Ringo and barefoot Paul on their famous walk across the street.

And this is what the studios look like from the outside. The photo was taken late in the day, and all of the revelers already left. But the entrance to the studio’s yard is often occupied by many nostalgic fans who do not neglect to leave the record of their presence on the fence posts.


  1. Ilya

    Zig-zags are road markings that I’ve seen nowhere but in the UK. They denote the car no-standing areas near the crossings and other similar places.

  2. Cheryl Sligh

    We have driven through here many times and I must say, you were lucky to get a picture without all the “fans” hanging out. There is usally a barage of people lurking about all trying to take pictures. Sad to see the graffiti. It’s all over London.

  3. Brian Greenberg

    Awesome pictures, Ilya. That’s street is one of those familiar sites that’s instantly recognizeable, even out of context. Amazingly, I didn’t realize until just now that the picture was taken right outside of the recording studio…

    As to the graffiti, I think when it becomes that pervasive, it almost becomse part of the site itself. If it were in the U.S., I’m guessing they’d put up posterboard for people to write on & then replace them every X months/years when they get full.

    Personal preference, I guess…

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