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Becky the busy socialite

I haven’t seen my teenager much this week, as her school and social activities during the last week of the term more or less took over.

On Monday, she sang with her Chamber Choir at a nearby church. I am not too sure what the event was. Between school, rehearsals and the actual performance, she arrived at home only after 9pm. Natasha picked her up.

On Tuesday, she volunteered as a research assistance at the school library and later participated in some end-of-term award ceremony. Between all of that, she again needed to be picked up only after 9pm. I did that this time around, carving myself a grand total of 15 minutes for some in-transit father-daughter time.

Today, she went with her schoolmate to the O² for a performance related to some show that she likes to watch on TV and online. The Mighty Boosh. She swears it’s the greatest show out there. The performance ends around 11pm and she is not returning home, instead opting for a sleepover at the friends’ house.

If you recall her last week, which included a school theater performance and a school dance, you’ll agree that she’s been having enough fun for all of us.

I’m actually jealous.

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