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I’m gonna be on TV

Ok, not really. But a recent comment on my smoking in Canary Wharf illustration suggests that a French TV channel may be interested in using my photos from that post for their program. I honestly do not know how any of those photos could be very much useful for a TV program, but I am flattered.

Of course, it could be someone’s idea of a funny joke. Ha-ha, then. And I have no idea how many levels of review and approval – dozens? – are between a researcher and whoever makes the final decision for a program (a producer?). But I’m currently tops in Google on “smoking in Canary Wharf” search, so at least it makes sense that someone searching for this particular topic would check out my blog entry.

On a Friday night, at the end of a busy work-week, with a whole weekend in front of me and an amusing bit such as this, I feel pretty good.

For further updates, see the comments thread.


  1. Brian Greenberg

    You probably won’t get paid for something that you’ve posted publicly for free, but your idea of attribution is a good one. I’d ask them to put my URL on the show & then see how many visitors they drive to your site…

  2. Ilya

    An email exchange and a simple authorization document yielded the condition of using my name in credits and my URL in the website article referring to the segment. There is an explicit mention of “free price” in the authorization šŸ™‚

  3. Ilya

    And immediately after I sent in my authorization, the program was aired. Anyone who is interested, can watch it here (click on the link marked “Emission du 15/12”), until Dec 22nd, as far as I’ve been told. I doubt the 52-minute program in French will be enjoyable to many of my readers, but 3 of my photos appear at 26:11 and my misspelled name appears in the credits at precisely 51:51. I’m still trying to figure out the website location that lists my URL.

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