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With compliments to Cuisinart

A few weeks ago, one of our most important appliances – the food processor – started malfunctioning. As soon as it was plugged in, it would start whirring and would not stop unless unplugged. While theoretically still usable, it became a nuisance to operate, scuffling some of Natasha’s most favorite experimentations with patés, salads and salsas.

As I was steeling myself for a protracted suffering from deprivation of some of my most-loved treats, Natasha picked up the Cuisinart documentation and realized that the processor was under 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. She called the customer service and was assured that they would replace the faulty unit.

Here is the timeline of the events as they unfolded:

    Thursday – Natasha calls Cuisinart customer service.
    Friday – postage label for sending the unit in arrives in our mail.
    Monday – Natasha ships the unit to the address on the label.
    Thursday – a brand-new food processor arrives at our house.

If somebody told me that a replacement appliance can be obtained within one single week, after a procedure that involves three separate mailings, I’d probably respond with “That can’t be true!” But here we are.

Nicely done, Cuisinart! We already had quite a few of Natasha’s succulent concoctions with a kind word for your service.

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