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Google’s Street View

It’s only been a bit over a month since I learned about Seety. Today, researching an address in Paris, I accidentally zoomed in too much. To my surprise, the map changed to the interactive view of the Parisian location, very similar (but with more controls) to the one found at Seety.

I then tried similar thing for London, but got no love. There is now a figure of a man on top of the zooming bar. When it appears “disabled”, you cannot get into the interactive mode. But when it is “lighted”, that means that you can enter “street view”.

I tried Rome, Barcelona, Madrid (all successful), Berlin, Amsterdam (both without “street view”).

I then tried New York City – and saw someone I know walking across Rockefeller Plaza!

Kidding, of course. But New York City seems to be covered. So are, by the look of it, Chicago and Boston. And I have little time to check out more locations.


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  1. Brian Greenberg

    The control in Seety is almost definitely a Google plug-in.

    Street View has become very popular among my neighbors, since three of us have recently renovated our houses, and the Street View pictures are all “pre-renovation.” But, as you “walk” down the block, you pass my wife talking to one of our neighbors (my wife is looking away from the camera, our neighbor was looking right at it, but they blurred her face), and several of the community kids are playing on the lawn (also with blurred faces).

    I check in periodically to see if they’ve updated the pictures yet (almost a year old at this point).

    More practically, if I’m driving somewhere I’ve never been, I’ll use Street View to glimpse the highway entrance/exit ramps and the destination itself before I get in the car and have found it helpful. It’s just a matter of time before they incorporate these pictures into GPS devices, and then a little more time before they become “heads up” displays in the car, so your car windshield can just put up a big, red arrow that says, “turn here now!”

    Hey – anyone remember when you used to have to give someone directions over the phone before they came to visit? Stone ages, huh…?

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