Monthly Archives: December 2008

Ready for New Year

Absence of any plans for New Year’s Eve suddenly gelled into a small celebration at our house, with two couples of our best friends. They are leaving their young children at home with either nannies or visiting parents, which probably means that Kimmy will be slightly bored in the company of adults, but we’ll try

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December and 2008 movie round-up

There is a slight outside chance that I will reduce my PVR queue tonight, but more likely my movie-watching program for the year is closed. Because I am unsure of whether to continue with this series in the next year at all, I’ve decided to depart from my standard M.O. and have the monthly overview

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Christmas week 2008

We did not expect this holiday week to be markedly busy, given our general lack of any plans. Still, we ended up with a number of diversions over its second half. On Christmas Eve, Natasha and I went to central London for a dinner with Kimmy’s figure skating coach and his wife. Sergey is Russian,

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On Travelog

As I have mentioned elsewhere, for the last few weeks I have been chipping away at our old travel diaries, transcribing the observations about sights, museums, restaurants and hotels into Travelog entries. To my own surprise, I’m actually finished with that now. While I have what I think is a pretty nifty idea of what

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It’s Christmas

Christmas to me is just another day off, its significance nowhere near that of the New Year’s Eve. But I do enjoy the musical component of the holidays, with all those Winter Wonderland, Let It Snow and Jingle Bells songs constantly on air. Hell, I sing along to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer every time I

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Big hearts, small victories

Natasha entered a Small Heroes with Big Hearts contest on the local radio station. The task was to submit a short essay celebrating admirable or otherwise heart-warming behavior by children. She thought about Kimmy and her best friend Tessa who, due to whims of Kimmy’s parents, live thousands of miles away from each other but

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Mmm… Food!!

Natasha and Becky decided that they need to try making entirely new dishes at least once each week. Because of Becky’s affinity for spicy Oriental stuff, what waited for me as I came home from work today was this delicious plate of Chilies stuffed with fish paste. Here is the recipe: Ingredients: 225g/ 8 oz

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London Imagery: West India Quay

This was among the pictures that I’ve taken recently but not yet posted. A view of Canary Wharf office buildings from West India Quay. If it looks as if I’m standing on water, the picture was taken from a pedestrian bridge the crosses the inlet.

On medical myths

Do you believe that sugar makes your kids hyperactive? Or that night eating makes you fat? Or that hangovers can be cured? You are way off the mark there. Here is a recap of a BMJ article (also publicized in NYT) on the common medical myths. There is also a similar BMJ article of a

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A recognition of sorts

Kimmy and I cuddled on the couch watching Stardust the other night, when my 8-year-old suddenly said: “Daddy, you’re the warmest person in the world!” After a momentary pause, she added: “And the second funniest.” “Second funniest? Who’s the first?” asked I with an appropriate doze of indignation. She gave me the look which I

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Twelve sentences, one month at a time

Almost exactly a year ago, I picked up a meme that asked the author to re-post the first sentences of the first blog entries of each month. I wanted to see how it would turn out this year as well, whether some sort of narrative can be discerned in such limited sample or whether I’ve

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Becky the busy socialite

I haven’t seen my teenager much this week, as her school and social activities during the last week of the term more or less took over. On Monday, she sang with her Chamber Choir at a nearby church. I am not too sure what the event was. Between school, rehearsals and the actual performance, she

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London Imagery: Abbey Road

Our friends in St Johns Wood live literally around the corner from the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road crossing. A few days ago, while visiting with them, I had the first occasion in over two years of being in the area with a camera (a customary hooray for my little new pocketcam!). Here is the famous

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Holiday Tree

In the end, we bought a 7-foot artificial tree this year. You may have heard loud squeals all over the place – that was Kimmy when she discovered the assembled tree ready to be decorated. This is what it looks like now. Click to enlarge.