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London Imagery: City of London

The other day I was traveling between offices in the afternoon and had what increasingly becomes a very rare occasion of finding myself in the City of London. With my handy little camera, I took a few pictures. It was a bit late in the day and the lighting conditions were deteriorating, but here are a few shots.

(click any photo to enlarge)

First, a few perspectives through the office windows.

View towards St Paul’s Cathedral and what I assume is St Mary Le Bow Church.

View towards the London Eye and, unfortunately, against the sun.

View towards the TV tower. Nothing of note here, except that I liked the composition of what I assume are the folded sun umbrellas, the spires of the church that I cannot name, and the tower in the distance.

On my walk towards the train station, I passed a fairly popular picture spot, with the dome of the St Paul’s opening up at the end of a narrow pedestrian street.

And here is the cathedral in all of its glory.

Finally, two opposing views alongside Cannon Street where it intersects Queen Victoria Street.

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