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Happy birthday, Natasha!

My lovely wife is 18 again today, prompting mass celebrations in all corners of the world. The outpouring of congratulatory notes and phone calls has been overwhelming, so a new channel in the form of the comments thread to this post had to be authorized.

The birthday girl herself plans to celebrate in style, by avoiding house chores for the duration of the day and capping the festivities with her regularly scheduled badminton practice. Various members of her immediate family have full schedules of their own, leaving the celebrant in joyful solitude throughout the day.

A glorious birthday, in other words.

I hope it is still happy, honey!


  1. mama

    First thing in the morning after a very nasty traffic on Turnpike (what a surprise), I called to be the part of celebration, but nobody answer. If I called to be the first, I think you would not be happy.
    So, to repeat: Natasha! Happy birthday, be always the same as we love and know you: smart, fun to be together, easygoing, kind, supportive-you name it.
    We all love you and wait for you to be back soon!
    Have a lot off happiest days with your immediate family.

  2. Kisintin

    Natashka. You are the most wonderful,kind and patient person in the world. I don’t know anybody else who could live and love my brother and his antiques like you do (sorry Ilyuha if i didn’t take a jab at you what kind of little brother would that make me?).

    Natashka we absolutely love you and wish you all the best and all of the happiness in the world!

    Kostyan, Alenka, Mas’ka!

  3. Ilya

    Lest anyone thinks that I terrorize my family with my collection of valuable objects from ancient times, I am pretty sure that the previous speaker meant antics. Not that I have the slightest idea what he was alluding to 🙂

  4. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday Natasha. I hope you have many many more.

    Ya know, we have some things in common. You and I are Gemini’s both married to Scorpians. My husbands was the 13th!! Very strange..yes, I meant him, LOL

  5. Natasha

    It was a great birthday with my close family.
    My only regret that I cannot celebrate it with ALL my friends and family with music, dancing, food and drinks!
    Well.. maybe next year!
    Thank you all for writing and calling!

  6. Brian Greenberg

    Hey – Natasha and I share a birthday! Although I certainly won’t claim to be 18 again (in fact, I’ve been telling people that on Tuesday, I turned 39 for the *FIRST* time…)

    Anyway, a fun trivia fact for us November 18th’ers: we share a birthday with a very famous mouse (who happens to have turned 80 this year!)

    Happy belated birthday, Natasha…

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