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It’s been too long

I had a horrible sudden realization the other day: We have entered a terra incognita as far as the duration of our stay-at-home intervals since we arrived in England. We are nearing our 20th trip (counting only those that included at least one night away from home), but it’s been two and a half months since we returned from our previous traveling adventure, and the longest we’ve stayed put so far was the very first 70 days after our arrival.

Oh boy! No wonder I have been getting restless lately. I even had to chart our stationary intervals. This does not include a few trips taken by Becky with her school, nor the trip to Russia or the States that my girls made without me. Had I included those, I’d be even more depressed.



The sad thing is, after our planned trip to Paris in two weeks (that’s ninety days after the completion of our last journey), we don’t have anything planned at all. The sorry new record may not stand for long. Arrrrgh!