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Random Illustrations: Green Chain Walk signpost

The southeast fringes of the Greater London, where we live, are home to several strings of little parks, fields and playgrounds collectively known as the Green Chain Walk, established in the 70’s. Many of these are in various stages of disrepair and neglect, and the walks between them are not always “green” and often require moving along busy streets, but the idea to counteract the suburban sprawl with these little oasises of greenery is quite nice, and we even explored some of the nearby links in the chain in the months following our arrival.

The chain may be up for a revival. At least, that’s what the signposts indicate.

Every major tourist destination has numerous signposts pointing the visitor towards this or that attraction. London is no exception; furthermore, it is arguably one of the best signposted metropolises in Europe. But that is mainly in the city center. On the outskirts of the great city, and with the Green Chain Walk in particular, the signs tend to be obscure and infrequent. You will not get lost, if you are attentive and observant, but you would have to work at making sure you stay on the right course.

Then, a while ago, I noticed new signposts, bright, clear and positioned in plain sight at important turns. Happy to see my council taxes in action.