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YouTube’d memories: Lady In Red

I’ve only noticed in passing that I am not a very willing dancer. At any given party, when the dancing floor becomes the focus of the celebration, I am still more likely to be found at a seat by the table, hopefully with a similarly-minded friend, spending time in idle banter.

(Natasha – who loves to dance – suffers for it, of course, but she’s learned to cope. She joins friendly circles for fast tunes, but more often than not has to sit down for slow ones, when everybody on the floor breaks into boy-girl pairs. Some of my best friends always have my back by inviting her to the dance floor for a slow dance. Their significant others, if not otherwise occupied, would normally use the opportunity to come over and have a drink with me.)

There are a handful of tunes, though, that would get me out of my seat and onto the dance floor any time they are played. They are not necessarily my favorite songs, per se, but something about them inexplicably makes the idea of dancing temporarily enjoyable. Must be some suppressed teenhood memories of waiting for a slow number to get to hold that one special girl close in my arms…

This is one of them.



  1. Brian Greenberg

    That’s funny. I always liked this song as well (and insisted on the sheet music for it when I was taking piano lessons as a kid). My wife, though, hates this song with an unexplained passion. I’ve always privately thought it was a teenhood memory as well – maybe memories of an old boyfriend she’d rather not remember? I never push her on it, though. I’m just as happy sitting at the table on the side and talking to someone like you… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Vince

    I don’t like to dance, either, although I’m much more will to dance slow dances. When I was younger, I was far more interested in watching the guitarists in the bands to see if I could pick up some new chords or determine how a particular songs was played. This, of course, would usually annoy the lady I was with.

  3. jason

    Ah, that’s a great song. Always liked this one…

    I am far less reluctant to dance than I used to be back in school. My only hesitation now is that I never really learned how to dance (hey, back in the ’80s everyone just sort of hopped around), so I often feel self-conscious. But slow dancing to a romantic tune like this is easy and one of life’s great pleasures, especially if you’re outdoors on a balmy evening…

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