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A fountain that paints

This is amazing!

The fountain in the video below makes pictures and words with falling water. The principle is akin to that of an ink-jet printer. Hundreds of nozzles create precise streams of water, timed in a way to create images. The attraction welcomes people to Canal City Hakata, a Japanese shopping complex.


I’m unlikely to be found at a shopping mall when I travel, so even if I were to Japan already, I’d probably still have not seen this. I knew this YouTube thingie was good for something.

Tip of the hat to Kim Komando’s Video of the Day with special thanks to my friend Irene who pointed me to it.


  1. Brian Greenberg

    Call me a geek, but I wonder if they built the fountain with a standard printer driver, so they can run it off a PC and the PC would just think it’s printing to a really long piece of paper.

    Told you I was a geek….

  2. Ilya

    I’m with Brian on this. It’s all about fine-tuning of timing and pressure. Gravity is a constant that participates in the process but does not affect it.

  3. Brian Greenberg

    Exactly. An inkjet’s printhead just travels along the page, disbursing ink at seemingly random intervals that only make patterns to our eye as the paper moves by underneath. The fountain could be doing exactly the same thing, just without the paper…

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