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I received this link in an email from Cheryl and Rupert. Seety is an amusing online application that lets you virtually travel along the streets of London. Despite what the website tag line implies, the pictures are not live (I think the investment required for that coupled with obvious civil liberties concerns makes a possibility of them ever being live fairly negligible), but it can still be entertaining. Drag your mouse across the picture to get 360° views and position the camera angle to your liking, for instance.


  1. Cheryl

    We had fun with it. Found Ru’s parents house and then took a stroll to Holland Park. I think it’s a great site and gives people a chance to see Oxford Circus or Picadilly Circus etc. Too bad you can’t put in an address and it take you there. Would save a lot of time for people who don’t know their way around.

    Right now this is just in London as far as I know but I did see one of those car/cameras driving around my area several months ago.

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