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Random Illustrations: Half-chicken for lunch

Our corporate canteen started offering a half-chicken on its grill selection. Since this is by far the biggest portion of food on offer, and it costs the same as any other – much smaller – grill selections, a frugal and hungry regular patron such as yours truly started getting the half-chicken meal practically every day (the actual recipes differ over the course of the week, so the sense of sameness is limited).

Here is what it looks like.



Then, a couple of days ago, I suddenly felt that my pants restrict my breathing after the meal. Must be all those fries. Need to switch to salad on the side. And go for a swim in a pool, pronto.


  1. Cheryl

    I wish our canteen food looked as good as that. They also stopped people from bringing hot foods back to their desks because they want to cut costs and go green so they eliminated the take away containers. Oh well…gets me away from my desk anyway. That chicken happens to look good by the way.

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