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A brief note to my wife

Natasha, I love you!

We’ve been together for half of our lives, and married for the last 17. Counting each year for three1, we passed our golden anniversary a few months back. It does feel as if it has been longer, in a good sense. I can barely remember the time when I was not happily married to you.

Happy anniversary, honey! Have I told you lately that I love you!?


1 I am not sure if “in war, each year counts for three” translates into English correctly. Not that I’m comparing marriage to war, God forbid 🙂


  1. mama

    I spoke with you 3 times today and as usual fully forgot to congratulate you – too involved in packing my luggage with gifts to girls.
    So, congratulations and have so many happiness, so many beautiful days together as only Mom can wish to you.
    With all my love, mama.
    Tell the girls that grandpa will compensate them for unlucky Haloween.

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