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Настоящий друг

It snowed here last night. For no more than an hour, and melted instantaneously, but it was a huge surprise nonetheless.

While Becky boldly went where her parents have never gone before, – she is on a school trip to Iceland, – Kimmy required extra attention than normal during her half-term break. So Natasha enrolled her in a three-day theater workshop, brought her to see a Russian circus troupe, and commandeered half of the living room for continuous work on the summer vacation scrapbook. They also sang together, with Kimmy learning songs that she did not know the words to before. That obviously necessitated a session of videotaping. Here is one performance.


For my non-Russian-speaking audience, the song is called “A True Friend” and is basically about friendship.


  1. mama

    Kimmy! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
    And Natasha! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!
    We like your performance very much!
    We want more! It was a very bright idea, and we too have a lot of fun. I watched this a dozen of times and showed to everybody who was under the hand.
    Lucky them!
    Tselyu krepko, mama. Papa agrees.

  2. Tasya & Co.

    We LOVED it!
    Bol’shoe spasibo za chudesnyj podarok, dorogie Burlaki!
    My s udovol’stviem posmotreli, poslushali i podpeli. Kimmy zamechatel’no spela! Natasha tozhe, konechno, staralas’.
    Uzh my-to znaem, chto znachit nastoyashchij vernyj drug!
    Lyubim, Kravchenko

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