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French motorway signs

A pretty interesting observation from our regular drives in and through France are the “nearby attraction” billboards on French freeways. These are normally positioned some distance ahead of their corresponding exits and pictorially depict the most important stuff that you might want to check out if you suddenly decide to turn off there. I don’t know whether many people actually do that, but as a welcome distraction on long monotonous drives these signs are invaluable.

The format of the signs varies from one région to another. We found the most colorful ones in Alsace/Lorraine and in Provence. Below is a selection.


  1. Ilya

    You’d spend too much time looking at signs and too little time progressing to your destination, Kostyan 🙂

    Brian, I believe Natasha used the “sports” shooting mode when taking these – and took multiple shots of each sign in quick succession. Turned out pretty good on our SLR. I occasionally slowed down to about 65mph for her to take pictures, but some of these were undoubtedly taken at 85+.

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