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Light show in Strasbourg, summer ’08

The French are very fond of the summertime practice of producing light shows at their famous landmarks. I cannot fault them for it: Every time we come across one such, it is a great spectacle.

On our return journey from the big summer trip we stopped overnight in Strasbourg. The kids were tired after a long day’s drive, but Natasha and I could not pass an opportunity to explore a new locale even for a short time. To our delight, we chanced into not one, but two light-show displays, first on one of the main town squares and then on the façade of the magnificent Cathedral. A few pictures from the latter (all clickable for larger views).


  1. Ilya

    The problem with that is that a mass market camcorder is normally not able to capture the colors correctly in nighttime. And color-correcting a video file requires industrial-strength equipment. I tried many times, and at some point swore off using a camcorder outside of daylight hours. A good photo-camera, on the other hand, does an admirable job of capturing vivid stills.

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