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Presenting the newest recording artist

One of the gifts that Becky received this year for her birthday was a recording studio experience (idea by Mom, funding by Grandma and Grandpa). She enlisted a couple of her friends as a personal gallery and went the other day to record three songs of her choice. I have to say that she somewhat erred in regards to picking songs commensurate with her vocal range, but she had a blast nonetheless. Below are a few outtakes from the occasion.

Note: YouTube screwed up the first 8 seconds of video in their “conversion” process, and I don’t have the willpower to try again.



  1. Geo

    You have a very talented daughter, Ilya. She looks so cute dancing and, at the end, one can tell she was starting to feel more comfortable with the mic. Too bad it was only 3 songs šŸ™

    Now, I can certainly use this idea as a present to Ted since he loves music. Could you please send me the link of this place? Thank you!

  2. Cheryl

    She looks great and very confident which is a good thing. The last song was her best and I couldn’t do any better. I hope she keeps it up and enjoys singing because she has a good voice. What a cool Birthday present.

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